Zekalay provides a wide range of water work related goods and elect-mechanical goods of best quality and durability with reasonable price.

Water Well drilling equipment & Accessories

The ample experience gained in water well drilling, allowed Zekalay to recognize and provide reliable and cost effective water well drilling equipment and accessories.

Our water well drilling products are the primary choice of most private and government water well drilling entities.

Drilling Rig with Full
Most reliable water well drilling rigs from different manufacturers as per your business need.

Drilling Bits and
We supply from stock reliable and heavy-duty Indian made different size drilling bits and accessories designed for all formations of water well drilling.
  • Hammer Assemblies (Digger, D17, RK1 AND RK3)
  • Hammer Bits
  • Tungsten Carbide Bits
  • Clay Bits
  • Tricon Bits
  • Drill Bit Subs or Adapters
Casing (Steel and uPvc)
Stock based steady supply of UPVC casing and Steel casing.
  • UPVC Casing - Ranging from 4" – 10" durable Upvc casings having socket and spigot with suitable thread make them easy to install and requires no welding equipment and generators.
  • Steel Casing – Ranging from 6" – 10" durable steel casings with couplings which make them easy to install.
Stock based Quality tested Indian made range of 30-90-meter hand pumps mainly characterized by low maintenance cost, easy operation and installation.
  • Afridev Hand Pump - 30 mtr and 45 mtr afridev hand pumps
  • Indian Mark II Hand Pumps – 45 mtr, 60 mtr and 90 mtr, Indian mark pumps