Purpose and Core Values
‘To Elevate the Working Culture of Our Nation’
To address the prolonged nationwide poor working culture of the Ethiopian community and Zekalay General Trading Plc must play its role in playing its part (in contributing its share) in the rise of such positive working culture the country is desperately in need of.
Core Values
  • Respect and Value for Its Employees
  • Conduct Our Work with Integrity and Honesty
  • Prioritize Customer Satisfaction
  • Never Compromise On Quality and Continuous Improvement
  • Committed to Social and Environmental Responsibilities
  • Creative and Innovative Work Culture
“To transform our Company to one of the best competitor Manufacturing Industries in the Country using locally available inputs to produce export and import substitute goods through application of best practiced management, technologies and well developed and dedicated human resource capacities to deliver the best value for our Customers.”

“To Honor with Excellence in Export and Import Substitute Manufacturing Industry by 2025 GC”

We believe that our company’s values such as prioritizing customer satisfaction and never compromising on quality and continuous improvement, and our company growth is only made possible by each employee’s contribution.
To this end, we hire energetic, committed, smart and friendly people.